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Heroes of the Storm will focus on non-original characters for now

Published: 16:09, 15 August 2019
Updated: 16:13, 15 August 2019
Heroes of the Storm – Assault on Volskaya Foundry

Heroes of the Storm has been hit when Blizzard cut off the esports part but the game is still pumping out new heroes regularly. Now it seems the developers will focus on heroes from existing franchises in the future, instead of new ones.

Heroes of the Storm is commonly known as Blizzard's ultimate crossover party but the lesser-known fact is that the game has two unique heroes of its own - Orphea and Qhira. While the reception appears to have been positive, it looks like Blizzard's design team doesn't intend to keep pumping original HotS heroes out.

According to Brett Crawford, relayed by , the team was wary that there may be backlash over releasing Qhira recently, as opposed to having another iconic hero from existing franchises. Against their expectations, the reception proved to be positive but that didn't convince the team to keep going in that direction in the short term.

Blizzard's lead live designer continued by saying there are multiple heroes in the pipeline and that players who are waiting for their favourite hero from franchises such as Diablo or World of Warcraft "won't be disappointed".

Naturally, there are no indications that Blizzard is hiring mind readers so it's to be expected the new arrivals will not please everyone, but this is a clear indication that we will see more of the existing heroes in the future.

Another game designer, Adam Jackson, added on Crawford's statement by confirming the developers "do not have any other Nexus Heroes in development at this time". 

They didn't reveal which franchises will be featured in the future though, much less which heroes we can expect to pop up.

Blizzard Picture of Artanis in Heroes of the Storm Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm is a MOBA that is struggling to keep up with Dota 2 and League of Legends but it's been trucking on and Blizzard apparently didn't leave that much of an effect on the actual support for the game.

Heroes of the Storm

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Heroes of the Storm is Blizzard's MOBA which is actually a hero brawler

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