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Heroes of the Storm PAX 2018 reveals new hero coming

Published: 17:38, 05 April 2018
Heroes of the Storm

The team behind Heroes of The Storm reveals the new hero in the game which will be coming soon on PTR servers followed by live servers by the end of the month. They will be talking about universe interactions between other Blizzard titles.

PAX East 2018 was live on Twitch with Heroes of The Storm developers talking about the upcoming hero, Deckard Cain, as well as how the lore of the hero brawler game will be affecting other universes like WoW and Overwatch.

Blizzard Entertainment Heroes of The Storm Deckard Heroes of The Storm - New Hero Deckard Cain

The developers talked a bit about their positions in the team and how they got there, after which they announced Diablo's Deckard Cain will be joining the Heroes of The Storm roster.

Deckard Cain was one of the most requested heroes by the community, and he is a rather odd to add to the game because in Diablo he is essentially the narrator of the game. He is a weakened, wise, old man. The decision to bring him into HOTS was faced with many hardships pertaining to his gameplay.

The senior citizen will be a more tactical support hero than usual. His Passive trait will radiate an armour aura and make his basic abilities cool down faster.

Blizzard Entertainment Healing potion HOTS Heroes of The Storm - Healing Potion ability

His Q ability is Healing Potion, healing allies who pick it up. He may place up to five healing potions around the map further enhancing his set-up support role. The second ability is Horadric Cube which will be an AOE slowing and damaging enemy heroes hit by it. 

Blizzard Entertainment Horadric Cube Deckard Cain ability Heroes of The Storm - Horadric Cube ability

The third ability bound to his E key is Scroll of Sealing which will be a cast ability that draws a triangle on the ground and damages enemies once the triangle is complete.

Blizzard Entertainment Scroll of Sealing Deckard Cain ability Heroes of The Storm - Scroll of Sealing Ability

Finally we'll talk about his two Heroic abilities, the first of which is Stay a While and Listen which is a coned ability that will sleep enemies for the duration of it.

Blizzard Entertainment Deckard Cain Heroic ability Heroes of The Storm - Stay A While And Listen Heroic Ability

The second Heroic ability Deckard Cain will have is Lorenado, which is essentially what the name tells you. A tornado made of books that pushes enemies away from it.

Blizzard Entertainment Lorenado Deckard Cain Heroic Heroes of The Storm - Lorenado Deckard Cain Heroic


Heroes of the Storm

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