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After Red Dead Online, Heroes of the Storm gets life support treatment

Published: 10:16, 12 July 2022
Heroes of the Storm

Blizzard announced they will cease active development on Heroes of the Storm after seven years and the game will be left on life support.

Rockstar Games recently announced they are slowing down development on Red Dead Online , which pretty much translates to sending the game to life support as it will not get any significant content updates in the future and it looks like it's a season of such announcements, with Blizzard coming up with one soon after.

With June 2022 behind us, Heroes of the Storm silently had its seventh anniversary and if you were wondering why there was no event or pomp of any sort, it's because Blizzard has no plans left for the game. 

In a blog post on the official site, the company explained that Heroes of the Storm will be "supported" in the same way StarCraft and StarCraft II are. This translates to keeping the in-game shop operational, likely automated hero rotations, bug fixing and keeping the servers up. There is a mention of potential balance updates but it remains to be seen if this will hold up.

Al the existing HotS players are getting the Arcane Lizard mount in the patch this week but it did little to appease the players who are disappointed with the way things unfolded.

Blizzard Picture of Artanis in Heroes of the Storm Heroes of the Storm

Going on life support mode makes HotS the second MOBA that pretty much retired this year, following the closure of Heroes of Newerth servers.

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