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Hellbound release date announced with a new trailer

Published: 00:33, 17 July 2020
Saibot Studios

Saibot Studios announced that Hellbound will arrive to Steam on August 4, 2020, and dished out a brand new trailer that shows more of the combat that pays homage to the '90s shooter games.

Hellbound is just two weeks away and fans of the old school shooters such as Doom or Blood from the '90s will have a new treat on their hands. Even the first glimpse of the trailer above will testify as much so if you recently played Ion Fury and felt the need for something along those lines, this may be your fix.

Keep in mind that this is not a 2.5D game like the aforementioned Ion Fury and the predecessors it was based on but that's not to say it won't bring up your nostalgia to critical levels.

Anyway, the players will take control of Hellgore who doesn't seem much better than the demons he is eviscerating as his self-description is that he's all about "blood, nukes, earthquakes, serious action and most importantly, BFGs".

When it arrives on August 4, the game will have successfully wrapped up the early access period on Steam where it was available only in the survival mode.

In case you are looking for a story-driven experience, you came to the wrong place. We are not being snarky here, it's literally what Hellbound's Steam page states. The game is all about killing the demons with a variety of weapons that apparently include burnt flesh and bones.

While the PC requirements are fairly low, which is good news, there is currently no info on the pricing, unfortunately.

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