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HeatWave is a sandbox survival strategy game on its way to Switch, PC

Published: 13:39, 08 December 2020
Perimeter Games
HeatWave, sandbox survival game, showing three armed soldiers looting.
HeatWave (PC, Switch)

HeatWave is a sandbox, non-linear guerrilla group simulator set in Alaska affected by climate change. It combines the mechanics of strategy, manager, and adventure games, and it's coming to PC and Switch.

HeatWave is a sandbox survival strategy game set in 2080 in Alaska – affected by climate change and Russian invasion. It's being made by Polish video-games developer Perimeter Games . The head of the studio is Igor Zielinski, who has several years of experience working in the gaming industry. Among others, as a senior environment artist for The Witcher 2.

HeatWave is set to launch on PC ( Steam page ) and Nintendo Switch in Q4 2022.


Run your own Guerrilla faction

  • Form your team, enact internal laws, and adapt rules to the ever-changing environment.
  • Set up your base deep in the forests of Alaska, building new structures to make your people self-reliant.

Use and upgrade your bushcraft skills

  • Survive in the wilderness where resources are limited.
  • Help your people meet their basic survival needs. Set up camps, obtain energy resources, and provide shelter against the cold and rain. Hunt for food, collect wild plants, or plunder local communities to prevent starvation.
  • Craft items, making tools, medicines, and weapons from collected scraps and plundered materials.

Explore the world

  • Visit nearby settlements. Talk with their inhabitants, try to recruit them, or at least trade with them, and complete quests they’ll assign you to establish a good relationship with them.
  • Explore the vast expanses of Alaska while diving into a non-linear story with a heavy impact on both gameplay mechanics and the game’s ending.
  • Make difficult decisions and fight your own path to independence.

Partisan tactics

  • Stay in the shadows and avoid being discovered at all costs.
  • Move your base if necessary, and implement a hit-and-run strategy that will be essential for your survival.
  • Have no mercy for collaborators while constantly fighting and harassing the invaders.
  • Set up traps, sabotage the oppressor’s supply lines, and incite the people of Alaska against them.


  • Shape your own politics while you handle diplomatic relations with other factions and settlements to make sure all your goals are met.
  • Perform tasks for the local population to gain their goodwill, so they help you compete against other guerrilla groups.
  • Once ready, start the revolution and take on the invaders to drive them away.
  • Finally, choose your own path to independence. Either continue in the name of the United States or create your very own, brand new independent country.

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