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Hearthstone's game director Ben Brode leaves Blizzard

Published: 07:48, 21 April 2018
Updated: 18:55, 05 August 2018
Blizzard Entertainment
Ben Brode pregnancy test
Hearthstone's Ben Brode - He's not going on maternity leave, fellas.

Hearthstone has lost a giant of a man, quite literally, as Ben Brode is one big fellow, albeit he's more like a gentle giant. He decided to leave Blizzard in order to once more pursue his passion for making games. Well played Brode.

The face of Hearthstone, Ben Brode, has decided to leave Blizzard effective immediately to work on a new project. He states the decision was incredibly hard to make since most of his life was spent at the company, at least a decade of that on Hearthstone.

In his post on the official forums, he talks about his past and how he got to the current position of being game director. Brode says he began working for Blizzard when he was 20 years old, and worked as a "Night Crew Game Tester."

Blizzard Entertainment Ben Brode in a field Hearthstone's Ben Brode - Hah! See ya, suckers!

After that, he started working as an E-Sports caster, BlizzCon announcer and we must admit he fit like a glove. In 2008 he got the chance to join Team 5, which was the team in charge of developing Hearthstone. He was full of praise for the team and Blizzard but reserved a special thank you for the players and fans of Hearthstone. 

It is unclear who will be taking his place as game director, but we're certain Blizzard will find a way to make it worth their while. Ben Brode was essentially the Innkeeper of Hearthstone and equally as enthusiastic about the game.

Blizzard A picture of a bear dressed in human clothing standing in a forest Hearthstone, the Witchwood

Hearthstone is Blizzard's trading card game, which released on 11 March 2014 initially for PC, but was later ported over to mobile on Android and iOS. The game has achieved E-Sport status, with the company holding annual championships on several events.

Recently, its newest expansion The Witchwood hit live servers and brought along with it a little over 100 cards, as well as removed more than 300 cards from standard play by bringing the Year of the Raven to the game.

Whatever Hearthstone did though, it will have to do without Brode and while we're sad to see him go, we do wish him all the best in his future endeavours.

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