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Hearthstone: Rise of Shadows expansion is live across the globe

Published: 19:02, 09 April 2019
Hearthstone, Rise of Shadows expansion
Hearthstone, Rise of Shadows

Blizzard have officially rolled out Hearthstone's expansion Rise of Shadows, which sees the game's previous baddies joining forces and wreaking havoc as The League of E.V.I.L. This also means retiring of some packs from the Standard mode.

Rise of Shadows means that the Year of the Dragon has officially begun in Hearthstone, which also means that Journey to Un'Goro, Knights of the Frozen Throne and Kobolds & Catacombs packs are now Wild.

Rise of Shadows brings 135 cards to the table, all of them aimed at the destruction of Dalaran by the League, although this number increases slightly once you've included Hearthstone's new type of card - Lackeys.

Lackeys don't come from card packs but are created during the match by other cards, such as the Evil Miscreant card on the image below.

We're talking about 1/1 cards with powerful battlecries, that can be used to great effect, as they transform, summon and deal damage to minions.

Another novelty coming with Hearthstone: Rise of Shadows are Scheme cards, which are as devious as the name suggests. Scheme cards grow more powerful with each turn they spend in your hand,

As you can see, Hagatha's Scheme takes 5 mana to do 1 damage to everyone, but with enough patience, the card turns into a board clearing tool. 

Hearthstone is also getting a new type of spell called the Twinspell. As the name suggests, Twinspells can be cast twice, as each usage returns the same card to your hand, minus the Twinspell attribute. 

The Forest's Aid is a good example of a Twinspell, as it lets you fill up the board with 2/2 Treants, albeit the cost and the number of creatures mean you're unlikely to be comboing these two. 

Blizzard Hearthstone, Rise of Shadows expansion cards Hearthstone, Rise of Shadows

As is usual for new expansions, Hearthstone players who log in will receive a free card in Archmage Vargoth, a 2/6 unit that recasts a spell you've cast during that turn at the end thereof.

Logging in from a PC also earns you the Machine Dreams cardback, while iOS users get Pristine Dreams one.

You can find more information in Hearthstone's official website .

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