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Hearthstone getting The Dalaran Heist singleplayer adventure soon

Published: 19:00, 09 May 2019
Hearthstone, Rise of Shadows expansion
Hearthstone, Rise of Shadows

Blizzard have announced that the Hearthstone expansion Rise of Shadows will be going with a slightly different recipe for the singleplayer component, and the game's first such adventure is called The Dalaran Heist and it comes on 16 May.

"Navigate through 5 thrilling chapters unlocking 9 playable Heroes, 27 Hero Powers, 75 unique bosses, a bounty of rewards, and countless ways to play", Blizzard wrote in the description.

The actual story is way more preposterous than that though, as The Heist of Dalaran not only refers to sacking of the town by The League of E.V.I.L., but stealing of the entire city. How's that for a dastardly plan?

Hearthstone's new singleplayer adventure is the first part of the story that will continue throughout the Year of the Dragon, and will feature five chapters.

As far as the main mechanics goes, Blizzard said The Heist of Dalaran follows the basic formula of Dungeon Run and Monster Hunt, but comes loaded with new features and content.

Chapters will feature unique bosses and rules, be set in different locations and will focus on different parts of the story. 

Additionally, Hearthstone players will be getting alternative hero powers to choose, as well as different starting decks. "Being evil means being flexible, after all", Blizzard said, and it's hard to argue with them.

The Heist of Dalaran also brings non-combat encounters, such as various taverns where players will get an assortment of special cards "that allow you to manipulate the cards in your deck for the rest of the run". 

Completing all the five chapters of Hearthstone's upcoming adventure unlocks the Anomaly mode, which, as you could've guessed from the name, introduces different rules with every run.

Also, Blizzard has brought back Normal and Heroic difficulty modes, where the latter is unlocked after completing certain chapters on Normal.

Blizzard List of chapters in Hearthstone's The Dalaran Heist Hearthstone, The Dalaran Heist

The Dalaran Heist's first chapter will be free and launches on 16 May, whereas the rest of the chapters will cost 700 gold or $7 each.

You can learn more on Hearthstone's official website over .

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