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Hard West 2 release date announced with new trailer

Published: 00:56, 23 July 2022
Good Shepherd Entertainment
Hard West 2
Hard West 2

Gamers waiting for Hard West 2 were pleasantly surprised to get a chance to play the demo recently but didn't really expect the actual release date to be so soon.

Hard West 2 release date has been set for August 4, 2022.

This means the wait will be around two weeks from the time of the announcement, which probably caught by surprise many of those who were anticipating the title as even the fans of the first game didn't expect it to come around so soon. Then again, HW2 was featured in the latest edition of Steam Next Fest, which was a hint that development is nearing its end or was completed already.

In any case, purchasing Hard West 2 will set you back £23.99 which will likely translate to around $30 or €30. Considering this is half the price of what a AAA game would cost, it will probably be one of the selling points, especially if the amount of content is anywhere near what the first game offered.

Keep in mind that the original Hard West had multiple expansions that brought on more content and while they were paid for, the vanilla version was well-worth every penny spent on it. On the other hand, CreativeForge Games are not developing the sequel as they are working on Phantom Doctrine 2 and it's actually Ice Code Games handling this one.

Hard West 2 can now be wishlisted and Batman fans will probably be elated to hear one of the most recognisable voices that was ever associated with the character.

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