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John Wick Hex dev delighted with Hollywood collaboration

Published: 18:29, 12 October 2019
John Wick Hex key art
John Wick Hex key art

John Wick Hex launched a few days ago and the digital Baba Yaga has proven to be at least as fun as his cinematic counterpart. The game's director Mike Bithell is delighted with the collaboration, as he got to read John Wick 3 script early.

Bithell ended up working with Lance Reddick and Ian McShane, who played Charon and Winston in the movies. "We built on that world with our own story which hopefully gives players a slightly different perspective, and adds a cool new villain,  Hex, played by the dastardly talented Troy Baker."

Even though the narrative sticks to John Wick, the dev stressed that it's more like a legend or a story of John, rather than an exact historical record. As you probably know, John Wick Hex is a prequel to what the movies show, which of course gave the team even more creative freedom. 

Developing a cinematic IP has come with some perks for Bithell, who was treated to an actual script of John Wick 3 while working on a game, something which he's pretty proud of. 

"Being able to read the script for 3, sit in the room, and see first-cuts helped shape a lot of the ideas for John Wick Hex. In a weird way, I think the third movie and Hex share some themes, likely because they got lodged in my head and wouldn't budge", he said.

John Wick Hex's development relied on stunt work, closely following Wick's cinematic exploits and expanding as necessary, which Bithell says will be a joy to watch in replays. He added that he'd be honoured if the movies ended up drawing inspiration from anything in the game, but the current focus is to see how the players like it. 

Bithell Games John Wick Hex replay feature John Wick Hex replay feature

Nem recently and he had this to say, "John Wick Hex proved to be a fun experience, well worth the time I sank into it. Those who prefer longer games can play it over and over again since the virtually infinite combinations of luck, weapon usage, movements and other decision making make it extremely replayable."

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Bithell Games John Wick Hex action sequence John Wick Hex action sequence

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