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Halo Wars 2 now has a demo for Xbox One

Published: 09:44, 01 March 2017
Halo Wars 2

Better late than never

Open betas and alfa tests have become a bit of a stand in for demos of olden days in recent years. While they are a great thing for hard-core players who want to make a more informed purchase, the more casual player might still rely on demos, which require a lot less hassle and present games in a more finished state. A little over a week has passed since its launch and now has a demo version for the Xbox One. A demo version for PC is also on its way and should be arriving in the coming week.

Playing the first mission of Halo Wars 2 on Xbox One requires a Gold membership at this point. Curious potential customers will also have the opportunity to try out the game's Blitz mode. The PC demo will be available to everyone with a Windows Store account, Gold subscription or not. This should help materialise some question marks above the heads of Xbox One , but more likely than not - it won't.

Microsoft Halo Wars 2 Microsoft Halo Wars 2

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