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Halo Infinite's Forge could have full scripting system

Published: 10:52, 08 October 2021
343 Industries
Halo Infinite - Behemoth map
Halo Infinite - Behemoth map

According to the recent leaks, Halo Infinite's Forge mode could be quite special. Apparently, it includes a full scripting system for endless possibilities for both multiplayer and singleplayer.

Halo Infinite, upcoming sequel by 343 Industries and Microsoft

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Halo Infinite

Forge Mode in Halo games is always a pretty big thing for Halo fans and even though, Halo Infinite won't be launching with Forge this Holiday, 343 Industries promised that this popular mode will be coming in post-launch updates next year. 

The reason for the delay, as 343 explained, lies in the fact that Halo Infinite's Forge simply is not ready to launch in its current state. The studio said they "don't want to ship things if they are not ready" which certainly is a welcomed sight in the age where games regularly release in an unfinished state. 

Another reason for the Forge delay could be in the mode's actual scope. Some rumours suggested that 343 Industries don't want to release a carbon copy of Forge from previous games, instead, they are developing something quite special.

And judging by the most recent leaks, which reveal that Halo Infinite's Forge could have a full scripting system, it seems that the mode will be worth the wait.

Courtesy of Halo Infinite Leaks and News on Twitter, here are some of the shots of Halo Infinite's Forge menu. 

The images show the Forge node graph that players will be able to use to create their own experiences in Halo infinite. If such a feature truly ends up in Infinite's Forge, this will open up tons of options even for single-player content. Depending on how deep the customisation is, players could create their own campaigns or even games within Halo Infinite. Sounds pretty awesome, right? 

Of course, until 343 Industries officially reveal the details regarding Halo Infinite Forge mode, take this with a grain of salt, just like any other rumour or leak.

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