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Halo Infinite players have glitched into local co-op campaign

Published: 09:11, 17 December 2021
nobleactual Twitter
Halo Infinite local co-op campaign glitch
Halo Infinite local co-op campaign glitch

Twitter user nobleactual has shared a video showing a split-screen co-op in Halo Infinite campaign.

Before the release of Halo Infinite, 343 Industries confirmed that the game would be getting a co-op campaign sometime in 2022, which was a major disappointment for many hardcore Halo fans. 

The campaign co-op was always one of the core features of Halo and having it delayed for several months was certainly a big drawback for the overall Halo Infinite experience on launch. Luckily, 343 Industries have finally nailed the campaign, which is an incredible journey from start to finish. 

Anyway, as we wait for 343 Industries to deliver the co-op campaign experience for Halo Infinite, some players have found a way to glitch into the unfinished version of the co-op campaign. 

Twitter user nobleactual has shared a video, showing local split-screen gameplay, which he discovered by a glitch.

He even shared a step by step instructions on how to glitch into the co-op:

In order to get this working, Halo Infinite must be offline, then, you need to connect a second controller and sign into an Xbox account. After that, start the campaign with controller 1 and in-game hit start and then back. On the second controller, hit start to add the second player to the fireteam. 

As expected, the co-op is broken and far from being an enjoyable experience. Nobleactual reports that FOBs are broken as well as story and the second player does not have any HUD elements. Though it's still fun to rip around the Zeta Halo, he says. 

The campaign co-op glitch seems to be available only locally so you won't be able to do online co-op nor play it on PC. But it's cool that players can actually at least try it in some way and see what to expect once the actual co-op campaign drops in six months or so. 

Halo Infinite is available now on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. The multiplayer for the game is free-to-play while the campaign is on Game Pass.

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