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Half-Life: Alyx gets a trailer, launches in March 2020

Published: 20:57, 21 November 2019
A building on a misty day in Half-Life: Alyx
Half-Life: Alyx, quite the view!

We've known about Valve's plans for Half-Life: Alyx as a VR title but now we've got it in proverbial writing as the company rolled out a trailer, teasing bits and pieces of the narrative and showing some quite delicious VR visuals.

In terms of where it fits in the franchise's timeline, Half-Life: Alyx is set between Half-Life 1 and 2, and the protagonist is right in the title - Alyx Vance. Players will be controlling Alyx in her attempts to organise a resistance against the planet's occupation by the Combine. 

"The loss of the Seven-Hour War is still fresh. In the shadow of a rising Combine fortress known as the Citadel, residents of City 17 learn to live under the rule of their invaders. But among this scattered population are two of Earth's most resourceful scientists: Dr. Eli Vance and his daughter Alyx, the founders of a fledgling resistance", says on the game's page. 

Valve seem to have gone all out as far as controls go, as Half-Life: Alyx lets you lean behind walls and twist for the sort of shots traditional controls don't allow for. Players will rummage through shelves, manipulate alien interfaces and even the process of reloading requires you to go through the motions like in real life. 

This is also the reason why keyboard and mouse controls were not planned by Valve and as the devs admitted themselves - it would've watered down the Half-Life: Alyx experience. 

Valve Two hands from a VR perspective in Half-Life: Alyx Half-Life: Alyx, looks fun!

So, Half-Life: Alyx launches in March 2020 for PC, and will support Valve Index, HTC Vive, Windows Mixed Reality, Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest with PC and Link Cable.

Valve VR character getting arrested in Half-Life: Alyx Half-Life: Alyx, Freeze!

You can learn more on the .

Half-Life: Alyx gallery - Valve's VR game is coming in March 2020

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