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H1Z1 having a free week, Daybreak hiring designers to work on two upcoming online games

Published: 12:07, 14 December 2017
Daybreak Game Company
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H1Z1: King of the Kill

H1Z1 will be free to play until 21 December, 2017. During the free week, the game will be up for grabs at a 75 percent discount on Steam. Daybreak Game Company is now hiring designers to work on two upcoming projects.

H1Z1's first ever free week kicked off today, and it won't stop kicking until 21 December. The battle royale shooter is free to download and play in full. As it usually goes, the game will also be on sale during the free week so everyone who wants to keep playing after the week is out can get the game at 75 percent off.

 will be celebrating the holidays with Wreck the Halls. The event will be active throughout December. During the event, players will have the chance to obtain a four-piece holiday-themed outfit across multiple in-game events. To win a piece of the ensemble, players must finish 30th or better in any holiday event match.

You can purchase H1Z1 on now.

Daybreak Games Two men shooting at a target in a firing range H1Z1

In other H1Z1 and Daybreak news, the company seems to be gearing up to develop at least two new games. One might be an "online RPG" and the other could be something along the lines of "an online FPS/TPS game".

What makes you say this Convolaria? Well, a post popped up on  detailing a job listing for a Combat Designer, a Narrative Designer and a Sr. Game Designer.

Both games are multiplatform: one of them is based on "a popular old-class IP" and the other is "a hugely popular global IP". At least one will be announced soon. 

Daybreak Games A garden with a house and a water tower H1Z1

 say that the company is looking for:

  • Combat Designer with "previous experience developing massively multiplayer roleplaying games" with plusses for "action and MMO game development experience, current-gen console development experience"
  • Art Director "for a soon to be announced, all new project"
  • Narrative Designer to "create a compelling game narrative for an unannounced AAA title based on a popular old-class IP"
  • Sr. Game Designer "who is excited to work on a new unannounced AAA title based on a popular world-class IP" and who is "passionate gamer with a familiarity of core mechanics for FPS/TPS titles"
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