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Guild Wars 2 Lunar New Year celebration kicks off, no freebies this time

Published: 08:17, 26 January 2022
Guild Wars 2 - Lunar New Year
Guild Wars 2 - Lunar New Year

ArenaNet has started the Lunar New Year celebrations in Guild Wars 2, just ahead of the End of Dragons release, with chances of the two tying into each other somehow.

Lunar New Year has arrived to Guild Wars 2 once again, bringing along the Crown Pavilion and all the other celebratory goodies with it. In case you are lacking items from the Shining Aureate armoury, you might want to start working on those daily achievements and possibly purchasing additional upgrades from the weapons vendor. 

Keep in mind you need to unlock a weapon through the achievement first in order to be eligible at all to purchase the upgrade. The achievements themselves are pretty easy and quick to finish, often asking for a handful of firecrackers to be activated or completion of the Celestial Challenge. If you like traditional ways of earning rewards, you can also try doing the achievements by completing events in the designated area for the day.

There is also a small chance of acquiring the New Year's Weapon Chest , which holds skins for sword, torch and rifle. 

Anet also updated the gem store, although there are no freebies in this celebration. There are a few discounts, such as 20 per cent off on Mystic Lotus Chair and Staff of Fortune skin or 50 per cent off on the Red Envelope Mail Carrier. Lucky Dog Harvesting Tool, Mini Lucky Lantern Puppy and Celestial Rat Cape are all at 30 per cent off as well.


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