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Guardians of the Galaxy gets launch trailer, two weeks before launch

Published: 02:25, 13 October 2021
Square Enix
Guardians of the Galaxy
Guardians of the Galaxy

Square Enix released more promotional material for Guardians of the Galaxy but it appears they are hopping on the train of branding their trailers oddly, to say the least.

Launch trailers are usually the ones that accompany the actual launch of a video game, meaning they release on the same day. Someone keeps forgetting to pass the memo lately though and companies keep releasing the trailers way before the actual game comes out.

This was the case with Guardians of the Galaxy as well, with Square Enix releasing the "launch" trailer precisely two weeks before the game launched. It's probably a deliberate choice to mess with the dates of releasing the launch trailer and the actual game, made at the behest of someone in marketing who had the bright idea of manipulating the gamers' psychology in order to garner more attention for the upcoming action-adventure.

Speaking of the game itself and its latest trailer, there appear to be things to both like and be reserved about. The trailer is pretty fun and showcases what the game will be about to an extent but thankfully, it leaves something to the imagination as well, instead of straight-up spoiling the plot, which is another trend that's plaguing the entertainment industry these days.

There is a showcase of various cosmetics near the end of the video, which is bound to trigger PTSD of those who were disappointed by Marvel's Avengers, a game similar in design that ultimately prioritised new store content instead of giving players fun things to occupy their time.

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