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Guardian Games return to Destiny 2 with Bright Dust and Catalyst to get

Published: 01:23, 21 April 2021
Destiny 2 - Guardian Games 2021
Destiny 2 - Guardian Games 2021

Destiny 2 has launched another year of Guardian Games and while the activities are somewhat renamed, the grinding is very much the same. At least we get Bright Dust, Heir Apparent and its Catalyst to compensate.

Guardian Games are not a particularly beloved event in Destiny 2's portfolio. The incarnation from 2020 was highlighted bickering between Titans and Hunters while everyone suffered from mind-numbing bounty grinding. When the Titans won, all they got was a symbol on the top of a tiny statue next to Zavala.

Bungie seems to be trying to rectify some of these wrongs in 2021 as they changed the way progress is gained, albeit ever so slightly. We will still be farming a bunch of bounties so that part pretty much the same as the previous year. One key difference is that we don't have regular weekly bounties that award 200 Bright Dust anymore so those that came with Guardian Games are a good opportunity to get some of the currency at the old rates, before all the nerfing.

Those who missed out on Heir Apparent last year can obtain the weapon fairly easy, by just doing the themed activities. When you start completing bounti...err, Contender Cards, you will first get the weapon and then the Catalyst for it.

Keep in mind that both the machine gun and the Catalyst have a few objectives you need to complete before you reap the rewards.

Oh, and oversight from Bungie resulted in a way of obtaining limitless Glimmer and Legendary Shards.

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