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GTA V overshoots 95 million and it's getting ridiculous

Published: 17:30, 17 May 2018
Rockstar Games
Screenshot from GTA V showing two heavily armoured cars racing on a highway.
GTA Online - Gunrunning

Take Two and Rockstar's rock star Grand Theft Auto V will soon be turning five years old but you'd never tell looking at the numbers. In fact, it's had its best year in terms of in-game currency so far, which surely warrants a study by now.

Seriously, there's no way that you get this far without doing something right and Rockstar are sure rocking all the way to the bank. From its humble, top-down, Hare Krishna road-killing beginnings to one of the hottest entertainment products of all time, GTA is surely a cultural phenomenon by now.

Take-Two have revealed in their fourth-quarter earnings call that GTA V has managed to sell 10 million copies since the last quarterly call in November. At the time, the game's sales were at measly 85 million.

It turns out that playing good Samaritans and releasing new content for free has done the trick for Rockstar and Take-Two and the companies agree that much of GTA V's recipe for success lies exactly there.

Interestingly, when it comes to in-game currency, GTA V has had its best year yet, which is amazing considering the type and age of its current competition. Gaming is a fickle business and tables tend to turn quicker than you can say Radical Heights, so GTA V's persistence at the top is even more impressive.

Moreover, analysts have recently put Rockstar's cash cow at the entertainment pedestal of sorts, since its profits have managed to outdo every musical, cinematic or otherwise artistic product in the world. Yep, GTA V killed Thriller. Sad day, I know.

Of course, GTA V's success isn't without its price, because it seems to have come at the expense of Rockstar's creativity. Let's face it, the company haven't really come out with anything proper since GTA V launched.

Rockstar Games Trevor from Grand Theft Auto V GTA V's Trevor

Either way, we're sure that Take-Two's shareholders aren't terribly concerned about lack of Rockstar's creativity, as long as the Benjamins are pouring in. However, it is always sad seeing giants like Rockstar and Valve slowly drifting away from that what they do (did?) best - making games.


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