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GTA V outsold FIFA 20 digitally leading up to Christmas

Published: 20:06, 30 December 2019

Grant Theft Auto V remains Rockstar's golden goose as it outsold FIFA 20 in EMEAA region, where one would expect the latter to prevail. This refers to digital sales but total sales have a slightly different story to tell.

GTA V keeps earning the big bucks for Rockstar Games despite the company trying to push Red Dead Redemption 2 and its own online component into the front picture. The latest feat the six-year-old game pulled was to outsell FIFA 20 in the period leading up to Christmas 2019.

At least, it managed to do so when it comes to digital sales in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEAA). Considering GTA V often finds itself on chunky discounts, with holiday season 2019 not being an exception, it is not that hard to imagine one of the driving factors why it outsold .

Both games are at 50 per cent discounts but GTA V now has a base price of $30 / €30 while FIFA 20 is still fully priced which still means the Oppressor Mk. II simulator is half the price of FUT and its side modes. 

However, when both digital and physical copies are included, FIFA 20 reigns supreme. With combined sales, it is the most sold game in the region for the same period while GTA V drops down to #4 spot. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is at #2, followed by Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, GTA V and Luigi's Mansion 3 to wrap up the top five.

AltChar artwork showing eden hazard and captain price FIFA 20 and Modern Warfare are still the top two

Considering all the rage about EA and Activision's treatment of their player base, it is rather to see that their two annual cash cows are going strong. Money talks and based on the feedback players are giving these companies, there is no reason to change their aggressive monetisation ways.

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