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GTA Online to get Go-Kart races according to data mined info

Published: 15:19, 31 May 2021
Rockstar Games
GTA Online - Dinka Veto Classic
GTA Online - Dinka Veto Classic

GTA 6 rumours may be the talk of the town lately but Rockstar Games still have big plans for GTA Online and it looks like we will finally get to race in Go-Karts.

Go-Kart racing is one of the features the community has been requesting ever since Cayo Perico came along with the Veto Classic freebie and the introduction of the vehicle type. 

That said, we don't have many of these interesting vehicles around but we are highly likely to get new models in the future, especially because data mining recently revealed we are bound to get races that feature them.

One of the GTANet members checked out what the latest game files contain and found mentions of two new race types - Go-Cart and Car Club. The first one's subject is pretty obvious and it's what the fans who took note are excited about.

Considering the vast possibilities of wonky races we could get in the future, it would be fun to eventually introduce power-ups and see how it works but it's probably going to be just regular racing at first.

In case you picked up the Veto Classic during the week that gave you the chance, you will probably be happy with saving about GTA$ 900,000 even if the vehicle didn't prove to be that useful anywhere else.

As for the Car Club, we can't really be sure what it's all about without more clues or an actual reveal by Rockstar. 

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