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GTA Online discounts and bonuses, March 18, 2021

Published: 13:54, 18 March 2021
Rockstar Games
GTA Online - Comet SR
GTA Online - Comet SR

Rockstar Games themed this week's discounts and bonuses around Arena War, which is probably going to be disappointing to many players.

Comet SR is the podium vehicle for the week. While a Comet may not sound that impressive initially, the SR version would set you back around $1.1 million otherwise so giving the wheel a spin each day might still be aa good idea. The car is not in top 10 in its class when it comes to top speed but makes up for it with smooth handling that should give you an interesting ride or two.

Double RP & GTA$ activities in GTAO

  • Arena War modes
  • Rhino Hunt
  • Special Vehicle Work

GTA Online discounts

  • Arena Workshop and modifications - 40 per cent off
  • Vehicles at 40 per cent off
    • Deviant
    • Weaponized Dinghy
    • Schlagen GT
    • Tulip
  • Arena Vehicles - 30 per cent off
    • Deathbike
    • Impaler
    • Sasquatch
    • Slamvan
    • Scarab
    • ZR380
  • Arena vehicle mods - 30 per cent off
    • Armour plating
    • Proximity mine
    • Vehicle weapons
    • Spikes
    • Blades
  • Arena vehicle jump upgrades are 100 per cent off (free)
  • Squaddie - 20 per cent off

Arena vehicles are interesting on their own but and may be even more enticing with the discounts but keep in mind you can't use them during heists. These are free-roam vehicles only.

GTA Online Prime Gaming bonuses

  • Seabreeze - 80 per cent off
  • Kosatka moon pool vehicles - 35 per cent off
    • Avisa
    • Sparrow
  • Free Kosatka sonar station
  • GTA$ 200,000

GTA Online by Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive

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