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GTA Online bonuses and discounts this week (March 24 to 31, 2022)

Published: 07:47, 25 March 2022
Rockstar Games
GTA Online - Cyclone II
GTA Online - Cyclone II

Rockstar updated the GTA Online bonuses and while they are better than the past few weeks, they are still lacking, hinting we are not going back to the old format.

GTAO weekly bonuses and discounts have been getting worse over the past month but many fans thought it would be over once E&E launches. That is not the case, even though E&E owners did get a few extra cookies.

Prize Ride this week is the Sentinel XS and it requires you to win two Pursuit Races. It's really pointless since this car costs $60,000 and you can even steal it on the street and just install a tracker to make it your own.

Torero is the podium vehicle, which is somewhat nicer, given the fact it looks luxurious and belongs in a high-end casino. After all, who doesn't like seeing a Countach with an opportunity to win it?

X2 GTA$ and RP bonuses this week are:

  • Double Down adversary mode
  • Madrazo's contact missions
  • Hao's Special Works races (available only on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S)

 Discounts for the week are:

  • 30 per cent off
    • Hellfire
    • Neon
    • RT3000
    • Reaper
  • 25 per cent off
    • Calico GTF
    • ZR350
  • 20 per cent off
    • Comet S2

Prime Gaming subscribers will get $100,000 for logging in at any point during the week.

GTA Online 2021

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
GTA Online - Calico GTF

As you can see, there are once again no property discounts, which is pretty sad for anyone looking to start a new business or two. 

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