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Greedfall is coming to PlayStation 5 along with its expansion

Published: 01:34, 29 June 2021
Focus Home Interactive
greedfall artwork showing a pirate standing on a hill

A game set in an alternate universe, with victorian era undertones, filled with mysteries and magic? It's a game many have been waiting for, and Greedfall delivered. Now, with its expansion, Greedfall is coming to PlayStation as well.

Before anything else, Greedfall was a freeform RPG, with its main point being in the freedom itself. Everything was customizable, aside from family names as those play a major role in the setting, and every playthrough was meant to be different. This expansion is not meant to change any of that and will continue with what made the game what it was in the first place.

The expansion and PlayStation5 release, with expansion, included, of course, releases on June 30.

So, the developers have set out to give instruction to players, old and new, on how to approach the newest expansion.

Exploration of the game is still key, but doing so is now a tad bit different. In new regions, with familiar places that have changed in geographical nature, older players are advised to approach this expansion as a new game altogether. For the newer players that wish to immerse themselves in the story, which is to be amazing itself, and experience the adventure of a lifetime, a new difficulty setting is added, called Discovery. The character gains resistance and added damage, making for a playthrough resemblant of watching a movie.

Focus Home Interactive Greedfall screenshot showing three characters in a river Greedfall interpersonal relations have never been more important

A new feature is present as well, namely that of a party system. Five new companions are added to the game, but only two may be in a party with your character at one time. Building trust and relationships with them is vital, and it is not advisable to change them as the situation demands but to invest in planning out your party and your relations with them as much as you will plan your character's build path.

With new companions added to the storyline, and multiple endings to be had, grab your friends, and explore the island of Teer Fradee. Discover its mysteries, lore of your trusted companions, and make a place for yourself with fire, sword, magic, or diplomacy.

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