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God of War will have performance mode for PS4 Pro that will make it run smoother

Published: 08:37, 04 April 2018
Kratos and Atreus are fighting a giant that is trying to stomp them.
God of War

Cory Barlog, the writer and director of God of War, took to his Twitter to shed some more light on the game, prior to its release on 20 April 2018. In one line, he described the game's added ''performance'' mode for PlayStation 4 Pro.

This performance mode will apparently add more ''smoothness'' to the gameplay that will work based on the additional power that PlayStation 4 Pro consumes. Based on Barlog's Twitter comment, it seems this mode will only work on PS4 while not playing in 4K. Barlog was responding to a fan who asked him if they will need to upgrade from regular PS4 to PS4 Pro in order to fully enjoy the game.

Barlog's response was that the upgrade is not necessary but playing the game in 4K will apparently be ''amazing'', which is really just a PR thing to say. The second part of his message is the interesting one. After noting the obvious advantage of PS4 Pro's affinity for 4K, he told the fan that even if they don't have a 4K TV, PS4 Pro will still offer a better gameplay experience via the performance mode.

It is already known that PS4 Pro   than both the regular and slim versions of PS4. In case of not running in 4K God of War's performance mode will make the game run faster and smoother. The thing is, 40 FPS is still smoother than 30 FPS and Cory Barlog didn't specify just how much smoother it will run.

For all we know, he could be talking about the game running even in 60 FPS but if that were the case, we doubt Barlog would leave that detail out. Either way, focusing on delivering a smoother experience for the users is still a good move forward for the console gaming.

Sony Interactive Entertainment Kratos talking to his son while the Leviathan axe is on Kratos' back in the center of the screen. God of War

Some disgruntled fans have taken to speculating that the game will fluctuate between 25 and 30 FPS on regular PlayStation 4 but these are just speculations for the moment and such possibilities will definitely not be mentioned before the game's release. But then again, people play PUBG with 15 FPS on Xbox One at times, let's hope this doesn't start a trend.

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