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Sony Santa Monica confirmed all God of War Easter eggs revealed

Published: 14:04, 28 July 2018
Santa Monica Studio
Kratos killing a skeleton
God of War - Kratos SMASH

Following reddit sleuths' findings of Easter eggs surrounding certain runes earlier this month, people have started wondering whether all of God of War secrets have been unveiled. Sony Santa Monica have confirmed this to be the case.

God of War super secret extravaganza started when people on reddit found runes in Kratos' house that spelled out Atreus' real name when arranged correctly. This finding unveiled that his real name is , given to him by his mother Freya.

The Easter egg could effectively spoil the game's ending to anyone who discovered it early enough, but considering this revelation came three months after the game's release, it is safe to say no one's ending was spoiled.

Some players were not certain whether this mystery was the final one to be found, so they continued investigating. Their search proved to be empty, not because of lack of detective skills, but rather because there was nothing else to be found. The news came in form of a tweet on the official Sony Santa Monica Twitter account, that the redditectives have done their job, and for some reason once again confirming that Faye know all along.

Most, if not all, of the work on finding these secrets was done on GodOfWarSecrets subreddit, where a moderator named mollyblue87 eventually thanking Cory Barlog and the Santa Monica team for all their hard work which eventually brought the community together and made them invested in uncovering these secrets. 

Molly also asked the community members not to "send hate to anyone" due to secrets being finite, and somewhat cut short. The moderator then continued to write out a heartfelt message that you can read in full on the link above. Most of the community agreed with it though, as 98 per cent of visitors actually upvoted the thread.

Sony Interactive Entertainment Kratos ending a fight with Brenna Daudi by performing his finisher. The combat in God of War is as brutal as ever

Players will not be left without anything to do, as mode has been in the works for a while now. Unfortunately there is no stable release date set for it yet.

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