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God of War sequel could already be in development at Sony Santa Monica

Published: 12:53, 16 January 2020
Kratos looking at the camera like it owes him a lot of money
God of War - Kratos

To be fair, after the huge success that SIE Santa Monica enjoyed with Kratos' return to the world of gaming, the question of whether God of War will get a sequel was not a matter of 'if' - but rather 'when'. So, we hear you ask, when is it?

Well, we'd first need official confirmation to say anything with certainty, but God of War's narrative animator at Santa Monica recently posted a tweet that suggests there's something afoot in the studio. 

The tweet is a photo of her sporting a full motion-capture setup, where she wrote that it "feels good to be back in the suit". We must say the feeling is mutual, provided this is indeed God of War sequel we're talking about, although we cannot dismiss that this might be a different project altogether. 

That said, Sony are rolling out PlayStation 5 this year and we're somehow confident they would've liked an exclusive like God of War to grace their next-gen console offering. 

Whether that's even possible is a big question, although having watched and rewatched Sony's , we're somehow confident that director Cory Barlog and his crew are more than capable of churning it out. 

Which leaves the matter of will they do so, because even though Sony did a good job erasing any and all traces of crunch from the documentary, there's no doubt that Barlog and Co were working themselves into the ground on many occasions. 

Somehow we don't think anyone at Santa Monica is interested in doing it again, and the stakes aren't as high this time around, so we're not sure PlayStation 5's early adopters will get God of War at launch. We hope we're wrong though. 

It's well worth saying that many games that started their journey as Sony exclusives were ported to PC since, with Quantic Dream and Rockstar being prime examples of this, which prompted Barlog to say that . That, however, doesn't seem likely at the moment, as the company is sure to be busy focusing on their hardware through 2020. 

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God of War, Sony's PlayStation 4 exclusive masterpiece

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God of War

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