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Rumour: God of War is coming to PC in August, according to Xbox insider

Published: 17:26, 18 July 2020
Updated: 17:58, 18 July 2020
God of War game protagonist with scarce armor holding an axe
God of War

According to Xbox insider Rand al Thor, who spoke in the latest Xbox Two podcast episode, Sony's blockbuster God of War is another PlayStation 4 exclusive that will be coming to PC this August.

This summer, PC players will finally get their hands on a PS4 exclusive after Sony earlier announced that they will be porting some of their biggest titles to the PC platform. Kojima Productions' Death Stranding is already available on PC while Guerilla Games' Horizon Zero Dawn is coming on August 7, 2020. 

Back when Sony announced these ports, rumours started to surface, suggesting that the Japanese tech giant will announce more PlayStation 4 exclusives for PC in the near future. Games like Bloodborne and God of War were among the mentioned titles.

Today, we have another tease for the SIE Santa Monica Studio title. According to Xbox insider, Rand al Thor, God of War could be coming to PC this year. In the latest episode of The Xbox Two podcast where Rand talked with Jez Corden of WindowsCentral, at around 2:06:40 mark, Rand teases the PC port by saying: "God of War on PC in August." You can check the video below.

As always with these reports, please take it with a grain of salt since it is not coming from the official channels. It could be true, though, especially since Sony have started to port their games to PC but it is also possible that Rand is just joking so don't take it as gospel.

God of War, Sony's PlayStation 4 exclusive masterpiece

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
God of War

Thanks, Reddit.

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