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God of War Ragnarok could still be coming to PlayStation 4

Published: 15:00, 17 November 2020
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God of War

It looks like SIE Santa Monica's upcoming action-adventure God of War: Ragnarok could still end up on PlayStation 4. When asked whether the game will be a PS5 exclusive, CEO Jim Ryan had quite an interesting response.

PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan recently talked to The Telegraph about all things PlayStation and three are some interesting bits in the interview which suggest that SIE Santa Monica's upcoming title God of War: Ragnarok may arrive to PlayStation 4 too, along with the planned PlayStation 5 release.

When asked about God of War Ragnarok and whether the game will be exclusive to Sony's new console PS5, Ryan did not confirm nor deny that the game will be coming to other platforms. He simply replied that there's nothing to say about the release at the moment. 

"Sorry. I've got nothing to say about that today," Ryan replied.

Sony Kratos, protagonist of God of War looking away God of War

Before all you PlayStation 4 owners active full hype mode, we suggest you wait for more details on this. It does seem that Sony are yet to decide whether God of War Ragnarok will arrive to PlayStation 4, which certainly gives us hope that the game releases on last-gen too.

Sony already confirmed they will support PlayStation 4 consoles for years to come so there's definitely a high possibility that first next-gen God of War title releases on PS4.

If this indeed is happening, then it should not take long before we get an official announcement since God of War Ragnarok is rumoured to be coming sometime in 2021. 

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