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God of War themed PS4 Pro bundle announced by Sony

Published: 15:56, 07 March 2018
Picture of PlayStation 4 Pro designed to resemble Kratos' runic axe from the new God of War.
PlayStation 4 Pro - God of War edition

God of War is arriving to the PlayStation fans worldwide on 20 April 2018. While some players are worried about the direction the game took, others are hyped. Sony saw this as an opportunity to show the PlayStation 4 Pro God of War bundle.

This game will be the first major PlayStation 4 exclusive release this year.  Sony have now presented their God of War PS4 Pro bundle that comes with the console and a controller modeled after Kratos' runic axe. No not an axe shaped controller, that would be way more awesome than Sony can handle, just the decal pattern.

The console is mostly silver and grey with gold highlights and dark grey textures that resemble Leviathan's runes. The hardware included in the bundle is the standard 1 Terabyte PlayStation 4 Pro. As expected, a physical copy of God of War will be included in the bundle with unspecified digital content. This bundle's price was only announced for US and Canada so far.

Sony Interactive Entertainment Kratos talking to his son while the Leviathan axe is on Kratos' back in the center of the screen. God of War

Players in US will be able to pick it up for $400 USD and in Canada for $500 CAD, which seems to be a good deal as this is the same price you would pay for a standard PS4 Pro. International pricing and availability is not yet specified.

God of War will be available in a dynamic 4K resolution, provided the player has a 4K TV. If that is not the case, players will still benefit from improved image quality due to supersampling of a higher resolution onto the display, due to game's built-in supersampling technology. The game will support HDR lighting across all PS4 versions.

Sony Screenshot from God of War showing a giant dinosaur-like mythic creature that apparently has a beard. God of War - If this creature can have a beard, why can't the PS4 Pro have it?

The new God of War will be the first one in the series since 2013 and will serve as a soft reboot. It will now feature more RPG element, overhauled gameplay and will be set in Norse mythology instead of Greek. Kratos' son Atreus will be providing asisstance from time to time, in a system similar to The Last of Us.

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