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Witcher-themed DLC for Daemon X Machina now available for free

Published: 09:53, 05 December 2019
Updated: 10:27, 05 December 2019
Marvelous Entertainment
Geralt of Rivia's character model in Daemon X Machina
Geralt in Daemon X Machina

CD Projekt Red's The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has made its way onto Nintendo's Switch earlier this year. Now the two protagonists from the series have made their way into Marvelous Entertainment's Daemon X Machina. The collaboration set can be downloaded for free and lets the players dress up their characters as familiar white-haired heroes.

CD Projekt Red is now collaborating with Marvelous Inc. The union will bring us free Witcher-themed customization to Daemon X Machina. The Witcher himself - Geralt and his adoptive daughter Ciri will be making an appearance in the Switch game.

The Witcher content pack for Daemon X Machina includes outfits, body types, hairstyles, as well as more options that are available in the character creation tool. Now, who is excited that their mech pilot will take on the sword-wielding, sign-casting monster hunter?

Daemon X Machina sees the player take on the part of a mercenary, fighting the good fight against corrupted robots. The in-game Arsenals you equip can be changed on the fly - provided your recently slain foe has dropped a better part or weapon. 

Your character, Arsenal and mech were already customizable with a variety of options, and now you have two more designs to play around with.

The Witcher 3 customisation might not fit the high tech world of Daemon X Machina but fans of Geralt's adventures will most likely be glad to have those options included. It won't be the weirdest customisation option we've seen in video games.

CD Projekt Red's fabled title made its way onto Switch in October, but the console was unable to contain the protagonists so they decided to venture out and seek other titles to show up in. Hence the free DLC for Daemon X Machina that's free to everyone (who already owns the base game, of course). The collaboration set can be downloaded directly from the .

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