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Genshin Impact's Candence gets stunning unofficial splash art

Published: 08:27, 04 August 2022
Genshin Impact: Candence splash art
Genshin Impact: Candence splash art made by artist PhungErika is almost like the official one

We have a first look at Genshin Impact's upcoming playable hero Candence thanks to early drawings from talented Genshin Impact fans. 

Genshin Impact will soon introduce a brand new playable character named Candence aka Kandake, which is one of the characters from the Sumeru regions

However, mihoyo are yet to share the official splash art or the actual design of the character but luckily, talented artists have already shared some stunning drawings that very closely resemble what Candence could actually look like. 

One of the designs is the unofficial splash art, which shows Candence with blue hair and a blue cape with light purple/white armour colour. She wears a golden sword and a golden shield with some kind of light blue energy. The character is surrounded by blue fire or at least some type of energy looks like that. 

The second design is just an edit over Lisa as you can see below but leaker hxg_diluc has confirmed that it's actually very close to Candence's official design. 

The leaker states that the drawing is very accurate and apart from some minor details, it's basically the same as the original artwork, rating the accuracy of the artwork 9.99 out of 10, which is the highest score they've given so far. 

Candence is expected to arrive with Genshin Impact 3.1 update. She's a four-star character that also appears to be a Hyrdo Polearm user but we don't have many gameplay leaks that would confirm her additional abilities.

Expect to hear a lot more in the coming monghts as we get closer to Genshin Impact 3.1 beta, which should arrive in mid-October. 


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