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Genshin Impact update 2.4 will bring new region Chasm

Published: 20:15, 09 November 2021
A screenshot from the game Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact - Baizhu

Recent updates by credible Genshin Impact leakers have revealed that players might get their hands on a brand new region by the name of Chasm. The name is already present on the current Genshin Impact map.

The addition of a new character is probably the most exciting thing a casual Genshin Impact player is looking forward to, especially in the latter stages of the game when there aren't as many quests and events to enjoy.

An interesting name has been mentioned in multiple leaks over the last couple of months and his name is Arataki Itto. He was also mentioned by multiple NPCs in the game's main storyline. Apparently, he was beaten by the playable character Kojou Sara who took his Vision. When it comes to his appearance, Itto is described as a tall buffed character with two giant horns on his head.

A tweet by a credible Genshin Impact leaker has revealed that we might get a brand new region in one of the following updates. Apparently, Genshin Impact version 2.4 will bring the long-awaited region of Chasm.

miHoYo Picture from the official Genshin Impact forum Yaoyao, Qiqi and Paimon

Recent leaks on the Genshin_Impact_Leaks subreddit have revealed  a video featuring a fight between Itto and a brand new Geo monster. Itto's Elemental Burst is called Royal Descent: Itto the Evil! and it allows Itto's inner Raging Oni King to emerge using his Oni King's Kanabou in battle. This state has the following special effects:

Arataki Itto is not the only character we are going to see in update 2.3. A very familiar face will join him, maybe even on the same character banner. Gorou has been mentioned through leaks over the last couple of months and it seems like players won't have to wait much longer to get their hands on the first Geo Bow user in the game.

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