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Game is holding a Snorlax V Oversize Card giveaway

Published: 14:34, 07 February 2020
Snorlax V Oversized Card photo
Snorlax V Oversized Card

Game will include a Snorlax V Oversize Card with every purchase of any Pokemon Trading Card Game product. The offer is valid as long as their stock endures. Two competitions are also going on right now and the winners will get some special autographed cards.

Game - the retail chain - have announced that they will include a Snorlax V Oversize Card with every purchase of any Pokemon Trading Card Game product. A Snorlax V Oversize Card will be added to online and physical purchases made through their UK stores.

The super-collectable card will only be available from the Games stores in the UK and online starting on 7 February 2020. The offer will be valid while their stocks last.

Pokemon TCG is a collectable card game based on the popular Pokemon video game series and the collectable Snorlax V Oversize Cards are stamped with the set’s logo. They will be sent out as gifts with purchase when a purchase has been made for any Pokemon TCG product.

There are also two competitions going on:

The competitions will be live from 7 February until 21 February 2020. The fans of Pokemon TCG will have a chance to win certain "money-can’t-buy Pokemon TCG collectors' items" via the Game social channels and Game Trafford store.

You can enter the Trafford store contest by taking a picture inside a large Pokemon Globe and posting the snapshot over on Twitter along with the hashtag #TraffordTCG.

Niantic Pokemon GO - Snorlax Pokemon GO - Snorlax

You can enter the social media part of the competition on Game's main channels by posting a picture of your Pokemon TCG collection accompanied by the hashtag #MyPokemonTCG.

The fans who win the two contests will get their hands on some super rare oversized Pokemon trading cards signed by Yuji Kitano and Atsushi Nagashima from Creatures.

If all this sounds like something you'd like to be a part of, you can go to the nearest Game store or now. Those who are under the age of 16 will need parental consent. The usual T&Cs apply.

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