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Four new game announcements we expect to see at the Xbox Games Showcase

Published: 14:49, 18 April 2022
xbox's e3 show with phil spencer
Xbox boss Phil Spencer at E3

Xbox are expected to reveal a bunch of new games at their big summer show which is rumoured for this June. 

Xbox are yet to officially reveal the date of their big summer show but reliable sources such as Jeff Grubb claim that such an event is currently scheduled to take place sometime in June 2022.

This does not come as a surprise since Xbox traditionally held their E3 show in June so they are expected to target the same period of the year for their biggest showcase.

Windows Central Project Midnight concept art Project Midnight concept art

Compulsion Games' Project Midnight

We Happy Few creators have been working on their brand new game for a couple of years now but sadly, the details are pretty scarce since nothing official has been revealed just yet. Their mysterious title is rumoured to be a third-person action-adventure built in Unreal Engine 5. 

Furthermore, Jez Corden of Windows Central revealed some exciting details in his report, confirming that this will be a single-player title with a dark and fantastical setting. 

Aleksandar Danilovac Victorian street - personal work from InXile's concept artist Victorian street - personal work from InXile's concept artist

InXile Entertainment's Project Cobalt

Project Cobalt is another Unreal Engine 5 title from the Xbox Game Studios but unlike Project Midnight, Cobalt will be an RPG, as expected from InXile. The studio  teased their game a couple of times via Twitter , confirming that it's a first-person shooter RPG. 

Rumours suggest that the game is set in a Steampunk world so expect to see zeppelins, steam engines and dark Victorian streets. 

Steam Banner Saga screenshot showing combat Banner Saga

Stoic Studios' Project Belfry

Reliable Jeff Grubb revealed a couple of months ago that Stoic Studios, the creators of the Banner Saga , are working on an Xbox exclusive codenamed Belfry. This one is reportedly a side scroller with a visual style similar to Princess Mononoke.

Project Belfry could release later this year so the announcement is expected at the Xbox Games Showcase in June. 

Screengrab/YT Josh Sawyer is directing Pentiment Josh Sawyer is directing Pentiment

Obsidian's Project Pentiment

The creators of Pillars of Eternity series and The Outer Worlds have many projects in the works including a brand new unannounced game by Fallout New Vegas director Josh Sawyer, which is rumoured to be a smaller title codenamed Project Pentiment. 

Apparently, Pentiment is a Disco Elysium-inspired title where players must solve a murder mystery by investigating, talking to people and making accusations against those that may seem suspicious. 

Xbox have a bunch of other unannounced games in the works both from their first-party studios and third-party partners but some of these are too far away, so we probably won't see everything this summer. 

It's also possible that some special announcements are being saved for the end of the year and The Game Awards Show, where Xbox usually show at least one game.

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