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Epic temporarily remove The Baller vehicle from Fortnite

Published: 15:49, 18 March 2019
Updated: 16:53, 18 March 2019
picture showing a vehicle from fortnite
Fortnite - The Baller

Fortnite's The Baller that was introduced in the latest update has been temporarily disabled it's been confirmed by the developer. The reason is a stability issue and Epic say they will reveal more details once they find the solution.

Just a week after the introduction of the brand new drive named The Baller, Epic have temporarily disabled the hamster ball-like vehicle for unexpected stability issues.

The Baller arrived in v8.10 update and it offers a couple of unique features such as the grappler that players can use to pull themselves up cliffs or swing through trees. Of course, the new vehicle gained instant popularity and some players even found an exploit that is probably one of the reasons for the temporary removal.

Redditor named peridium_ shared a in which he shows a certain bug that allows players to launch themselves high into the air when using the vehicle. In his video, Redditor is seen in the volcano region where he rides The Baller over the lava to active the exploit.

Once he successfully launches himself in the air, he continues to fly over the whole map in just a couple of seconds which can, of course, be a massive advantage in the late game.

Epic didn't share many details about the issue, and they only mentioned that status update will be rolled out once they have additional details about the problem.

Some Fortnite players responded to Epic's tweet by saying that The Baller is well balanced for normal mode, but it should be removed completely from the competitive mode.

Epic probably won't make any drastic decisions just a week after the introduction, but if the in the late game continues to happen even after the exploit fix, the devs will probably have to look for another solution.

FortniteIntel picture showing the baller vehicle from fortnite The Baller

update also introduced changes to Vending Machines that now offer things free of charge but only provide one item before disappearing. There are also some nerfs to Heavy Assault Rifle which is now only available in Rare, Common and Uncommon rarity.

Another significant change was introduced to matchmaking. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players are now in combined pools while Switch players will now matchmake with mobile users to offer a better experience to both sets of players.

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