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Fortnite's Support-a-Creator coming to all Epic Store games

Published: 21:21, 05 February 2019
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Epic Games announced that Fortnite's Support-a-Creator program is being extended to cover all the games available on their storefront, which is great news for content creators, who will now have direct means to monetise their work.

Having launched in October 2018, Support-a-Creator has been deemed a great success, leading to Epic making it a permanent Fortnite feature in December.

Now, however, it's a permanent Epic Games Store feature and it seems like a great way to show some love to creators, who do a great deal in helping games succeed.

Support-a-Creator lets fans declare their support for content creators of choice, which grants the latter a portion of everything the former buy and earn in-game. For instance, every 10,000 V-Bucks spent by fans of a Fortnite content creator earn him/her $5.

"For games on the Epic Games store accepted Creators can share referral Links on their content channels or promote their Creator tag to their supporters to get credit for sales of games on the Epic Games store", the company wrote. They also added that the minimum of these attributed sales is 5 per cent. 

This means that for every $100 their supporters spend, content creators will get $5 so results are bound to be modest at first. As one's supporter base grows, however, so will their profits. At the same time, popular content creators are likely to be noticed by developers, which of course brings with it a host of other perks.

In order to be eligible for Support-a-Creator, players must have 1,000 followers on any social platform, complete the Affiliate Agreement and observe Epic's Creator Code of Conduct. The company wrote that at the moment, the program is not available in China, Iran and North Korea, but the rest should be on the green.

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All in all, Epic are sticking to the business model they employed in Unreal Engine 4, ensuring that their, and now others' success, doesn't ignore the little guys who did their share in getting them there.

You can find the official announcement .

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