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Epic creating opt-in review system for their Games Store

Published: 12:08, 01 February 2019
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Epic Games Store v. Steam

Epic's Game Store has been making headlines more often than not lately and now the company's CEO Tim Sweeney said that they're coming up with an opt-in review system for developers, as they're wary of review bombing and similar practices.

As fate would have it, Sweeney's response was quite prophetic, since his post dates back to December 2018, when Metro Exodus was still en route to launch on Steam. We're talking about the same post where he was selling users' personal data to Tencent.

In case you haven't been following the latest developments, Deep Silver decided to make Metro Exodus an Epic Games Store exclusive and remove it from with less than a month until launch, which brought about massive of other Metro series titles.

Anyway, after a fan enquired as to why Epic's Store has no reviews, ratings or forums, which he considers to be silencing of customers, Sweeney said that they're working on a system similar to what they have in the Unreal Engine Marketplace.

"It will be opt-in by developers. We think this is best because review bombing and other gaming-the-system is a real problem", Sweeney said. Little did he know that he'll be in thick of it in less than a month.

Needless to say, Metro Exodus' switch to the Epic Games Store didn't win Sweeney many friends either, and even the fans are seemingly divided into two camps - those who think Epic is as responsible as Deep Silver and those who simply don't like exclusivity deals.

That being said, we don't really see Deep Silver opting in for Epic's review service, as we suspect that many fans will hurry to review bomb them into oblivion, even if they have to open new accounts to do it.

Steam Metro Last Light Redux Steam review page

Of course, one could say that the best way not to get review bombed is to try and do right by your customers, which is exactly opposite of what Deep Silver did when they drained all the Steam pre-orders of Metro Exodus and then high-tailed it in the last minute.

You can find Sweeney's tweet in question .

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