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Epic forks out $100m for Fortnite's 2019 competitive prize pool

Published: 13:46, 25 February 2019
Epic Games
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Epic Games have shared some of their plans for Fortnite's competitive year 2019 and the company forked out $100 million for the annual prize pool, starting with Fortnite World Cup Qualifiers that are scheduled to start on 13 April 2019.

Between 13 April and 16 June 2019, Epic will hod ten weekly Online Open qualifiers for the Fortnite World Cup. Each week, $1,000,000 will be "distributed broadly" among the winners.

Fortnite's top 100 solo players and to 50 duos will be invited to Fortnite World Cup Finals in New York on 26 July 2019, where the prize pool will be $30 million.

Epic are still feeling in a loving mood from Valentine's it seems, as they guarantee each of the players that attend the WC Finals $50,000, while the WC Solo Champion gets $3 million.

The company insist that the Fortnite World Cup Finals will not only be about clicking heads and battle royale, as the event will feature different modes and formats as well.

While they didn't say so specifically, we've no doubt they refer to Fortnite Creative so if that's where your talent lies, you may want to keep polishing it as it may earn you more than a pretty penny.

Epic plan to keep spicing things up in Fortnite throughout 2019, offering a "wider variety of modes and formats to open up the competitive playing field".

At the same time, they'll be awarding $1 million in tournament prize money every week, expanding the network of partners "to better serve competitive Fortnite in more countries and regions around the world".

Note that in order to be eligible, players must be at least 13 years old, while players from 13 to 17 years of age need a legal guardian.

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Newzoo's recent report on has placed Fortnite's esports performance as mid-tier, but with a strong possibility of becoming a top-tier esports franchise, owing to an immense playerbase across virtually any platform you can think of. 

You can find Epic Games' official announcement of Fortnite's 2019 prize pool

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