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Fortnite removes building mechanics in battle royale

Published: 14:19, 21 March 2022
Epic Games

One fo the staples of Fortnite's brand of battle royale is going away as the game is shifting to more dynamic play and less crafting.

Building cover and structures in Fortnite has been a huge part of the game ever since its debut and when the battle royale mode came along, this was the only game in the genre that used these mechanics. While this was a layer of depth as the skill needed to be mastered, the building component has turned away many players who just wanted to enjoy a proper shootout, without suddenly facing a fortress built an enemy that hoarded materials up to that point.

With Season 2 Chapter 3 , named Resistance, this aspect of the game is going away. Fortnite briefly explained why in the latest story trailer - an army of invaders attacked the island and a villain pressed a button that deleted all the player-built structures.

Epic Games will not leave players hanging as they will have new ways to survive. Overshield is a new mechanic that will make people spongier than before, meaning you will need to shoot them for longer before they go down. The overshield will be applied on top of the regular "chug" shield and it will regenerate over time.

On top of that, everyone is faster now. This buff applies to both the regular running and sprinting speed so your bullet physics calculations will need an update, along with a sharper aim.

Finally, to add to the newfound momentum of Fortnite Battle Royale, players will be able to shoulder bash doors for a quicker entry and climb steep obstacles by climbing with their hands.

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