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Fortnite rakes in $300 million in 200 days on Apple's iOS

Published: 15:13, 08 October 2018
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Fortnite's Season 6 addition - pets
Fortnite, Season 6, pets

Beancounters at Sensor Data have revealed that Fortnite's iOS showing has managed to hit $300 million in just 200 days and although that's head and shoulders above the competition, the only game that hit this figure quicker is Pokemon GO.

Apparently, Niantic's mega addiction pulled it off in just 113 days, which shouldn't be surprising considering that everyone and their mother were running around with phones like madmen. And madwomen. Besides, considering the vastly differing skill levels, Sweeney and Co shouldn't have a care in the world.

Fortnite managed to topple some mobile heavyweights such as Clash Royale, which earned $228 million or 32 per cent less in the same time frame. They're followed by Tencent's Honor of Kings and NetEase's frying pan-based PUBG , Knives Out, which earned $121 and $114 million respectively.

Note that the analysis only takes into account revenue made outside of China, except for Honor of Kings, since it was only locally available at launch. Nevertheless, considering that Tencent made one of these games and owns a healthy stake in the company that made the other, it's still good news to them.

It has been reported that Fortnite's rapid ascension has come to , which by no account means its success is over, but rather that there's a finite number of humans on Earth. We're still talking about a most successful and certainly most popular games anywhere, ever, further underlined by the fact that $20 million out of the $300 million figure came in the week following the Season 6 launch.

It has been revealed that Fortnite is raking in about , propping up the value of Epic Games to $5-7 billion. These sorts of figures are the kind that actual construction companies can only dream about, with the company pulling in a 50 per cent profit on every dollar that comes in.

Epic Games A glowing cube propping up an island in the air from Fortnite Fortnite: Battle Royale, Season 6

Speaking of construction, it would be interesting to see how many miles of walls and stairs have been constructed in Fortnite thus far, because that too could probably not be matched by any construction company.

You can find Sensor Data's full iOS mobile gaming report .

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