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Legendary Tactical Assault Rifle leaked for Fortnite Battle Royale

Published: 15:07, 24 March 2018
Epic Games
Picture of Fortnite's scenery overshadowed by the pictures of upcoming guns.
Fortnite Battle Royale upcoming guns

Epic Games seem to be jumping on the ''accidental-leak-but-actually-free-promotion'' bandwagon and new assets from the game are leaking left and right. The latest ''leaked'' hot topic is Fortnite Battle Royale's Tactical Assault Rifle.

There are many weapons that were mined from Fortnite Battle Royale's data files, including the Tactical Assault Rifle, Explosive Crossbow, Heavy Shotgun, Remote Explosives a Machine Pistol that looks like P90 and a Sniper Rifle with no scope. Now, Remote Explosives have already been announced by Epic Games and Heavy Shotgun has already been released but the remaining weapons are still in the vault.

The closest one to release seems to be the Tactical Assault Rifle as it keeps getting more attention and chatter on daily basis. Just like with all other leaked weapons, its stats have already been datamined. In its current state, the rifle has 24 damage, 3.5 fire rate, 20 round mag and is fully automatic. It will come only in legendary form, so Chests and Supply Drops will be the only way to get it.

Epic Games Picture of Fortnite's Heavy Shotgun on an orange background indicating its legendary status. Fortnite - Heavy Shotgun

An Explosive Crossbow will apparently behave like a regular crossbow, except its bolts will explode on impact. Wouldn't be much fun if the crossbow itself exploded. These explosions will deal 79 damage but if it hits you directly, it will deal 105 damage. The fire rate will be 0.6, it will be able to shoot 5 bolts before reloading and the reload time is set to be 2.47. Unlike the Grenade Launcher and the RPG, the Explosive Crossbow doesn't have the Environmental Damage category listed so it is highly unlikely that players will be able to destroy walls with it.

The Machine Pistol is probably the addition I will be looking forward to the most. If it keeps its current stats, it will be a direct competitor for the close quarters top pick crown. Its datamined stats show its damage to be 14 but its fire rate is a staggering 20 rounds per second. This lead spitter will have a 50 round magazine and wil likely serve as your standard spray and pray close quarters meat mincer.

Epic Games Cartoon characters from Epic's game Fortnite fighting in the field Fortnite: Battle Royale

The Scopeless Sniper Rifle will be the exact same weapon as the standard Sniper Rifle but it will have no scope and will therefore be classified as a common weapon, denoted by grey background as seen in the title picture.

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