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Fortnite making $2 million per day, Epic Games worth $5-9 billion

Published: 17:47, 25 July 2018
Epic Games
A man crouching in a toilet in Epic's game Fortnite Battle Royale

I swear to god if Epic keep up at this tempo, they may as well file for sovereignty of the Epic State or something because the company is earning $2 million daily on Fortnite alone and their worth was estimated between $5 and $9 billion.

I'm kidding about the sovereignty of course but the numbers are all true, as reported by SuperData and Bloomberg recently. I'm not going to wax political either, even if I did mention budget just there. What can you do, there aren't many games that survive Fortnite comparisons these days.

Gaming analyst Timothy O'Shea says that Epic could actually be worth up to $14 billion, although the number is unrealistic due to Fortnite not quite being an eternal commodity. It said that even if Epic's sales fall to $1 billion, the company would still not go bellow $7.5 billion. 

You needn't be a financial wizard to deduce that most, if not all of this success, is due to Fortnite. The game has record breaking revenue per user and all this boosted Epic's operating margins to upwards of 50 per cent. In layman's terms, operating profit is what's left of the cash from sales once expenses are deducted.

A steady operating profit is said to be a measure of quality of investment, although it is commonly analysed over a longer term. It has to be said though - not many companies can do what Epic are doing with Fortnite at the moment.

In fact, if you look at Forbes' list of largest public companies, you'll understand why upwards of 50 per cent is a big deal. Take-Two Interactive's operative profit was 20.18 per cent in 2018, while Tencent, one of Epic Games' major stakeholders, had 31.68 per cent.

Epic Games Fortnite charatcters with pickaxes and blueprints Fortnite

Anyway, just comparing it to the US states, Epic's sale could cover annual budgets of states like Rhode Island and Wyoming. Interestingly, the annual budget of the Take-Me-Home state is $4.2 billion, which is peanuts for Epic. Much like Fallout 76 is to Fortnite we guess.

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