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Fortnite could be getting drones and shadow bombs in next update

Published: 16:39, 15 April 2019
Updated: 16:42, 15 April 2019
Epic Games
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Drones and Shadow Bombs could be the latest addition in Epic's battle royale Fortnite. These items could be making their way into Save the World and Battle Royale modes respectively according to dataminers Lucas7yoshi_ and Skin-Tracker.

Fortnite's latest update v8.30 dropped just a few days ago, and traditionally, dataminers have dug into the new game files to discover what kind of additions could be coming to Epic's battle royale in the upcoming updates.

According to the findings that were shared by dataminers Lucas7yoshi_ and Skin-Tracker, two new items could be making their way into Fortnite pretty soon. These items are Drones and Shadow Bombs. The former is specifically named Zebulon Drone and by the looks of it, Epic will add it to Save the World mode.

As for the bombs, there are more details on that and apparently, they were discovered in a string connected to challenges that require use of these items in different matches. It looks like that Shadow Bombs will not be lethal but the discovered sound file does sound a bit menacing so it's really hard to guess what exactly these items will bring to the game.

Of course, like any other leak or datamine, take these with a grain of salt until Epic Games officially announce the additions in one of the upcoming patch notes. 

As for other findings from the latest game files, these include a number of new cosmetics and wraps. These were discovered by Fortnite dataminer Guille-Gag and you can check them on his .

In other Fortnite news, Epic Games recently introduced Apex Legends style revive mechanic named n. The vans are one-time use only, so if someone beats you to a nearby Reboot Van, you'll have to find another one to revive your fallen comrades. In short, the only thing Epic changed from Apex Legends' version is the name - and that's a good thing.

Epic Games Fortnite's latest addition - Reboot Van Fortnite, Reboot Van

Recently, Epic also nerfed the newly-introduced vehicle - The Baller. If the hamster ball was your favourite, you won't be happy to hear that its HP has been lowered from 300 to 200 points. You can read more about that .

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