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Fortnite cheating software now comes with free malware

Published: 17:36, 04 July 2018
Epic Games
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Over 78.000 Fortnite cheaters found themselves in a peculiar situation when they got malware delivered to their machines instead of a one stop free V-bucks and aimbot solution. Streaming service Rainway caught the adware infection.

Free V-bucks and an aimbot if you follow this link. Sounds legit, right? Apparently legit enough for streaming service Rainway to get hit with over 380.000 error reports warning that something isn't quite right with communication between their servers and roughly 78.000 of their users.

The culprit was a piece of adware that was invited in by players looking for a quick V-buck. It was discovered when the malicious software attempted to call several ad platforms. Trouble is, Rainway doesn't have any ads on it. Two and two were promptly put together and the devs proceeded to alert all affected users and up their security.

How many Fortnite players outside the reach of Rainway's security measures remain contaminated, courtesy of the same hack, is still unknown. The hack was apparently in part distributed via YouTube.

"We then spun up a virtual machine and ran the hack, it immediately installed a root certificate on the device and changed Windows to proxy all web traffic through itself. A successful Man in the Middle Attack", the team explained and even provided a visual aid for those less technically inclined.

Rainway A graphic representing the workings of a middle man attack The entire ordeal visualised - Strangers wear cloaks and sunglasses even on the internet

Fortnite is still massively popular going into the last stretches of its , but the outcries for tighter cheater regulation still haven't quite reached .

Rainway have documented the entire ordeal on their blog, so that's to go if you are looking for more details.

Instead of giving you the stupefyingly obvious cheating is bad in more ways than one routine, we would like to use this occasion to remind you that there are better ways of improving your odds at victory. Completely malware free, guaranteed!

Yeah, it's a self-plug and I know no shame.

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