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Fortnite breaks another stream record, Rubius reaches 1 million viewers

Published: 11:44, 27 March 2018
Updated: 20:45, 27 March 2018
Epic Games
Promotional picture for Fortnite and Twitch partnership showing some Twitch drops.

Fortnite is at it again, as El Rubius topples the video game stream concurrent viewer record, previously held by Ninja who did it with the help of real life celebrities. Rubius hosted a 100 YouTube celebrity battle royale instead.

Spanish streamer El Rubius is more popular as a YouTuber, rather than a streamer and he played to his strengths during the event he hosted on a YouTube stream. He has 28 million subscribers on YouTube and he used his huge following well when he played a match of Fortnite Battle Royale against 99 other YouTubers. This resulted in a mind-blowing one million concurrent viewers on the streaming service.

This is almost double of what Tyler ''Ninja'' Blevins pulled off when he streamed with Drake, Travis Scott and NFL player JuJu Smith-Schuster. Ninja managed to get 635.000 concurrent viewers which beat the record previously held by League of Legends' Tyler1, whose record was 386.000 viewers.

It is evident at the moment that video games' popularity is increasing exponentially, rather than in linear fashion, since Rubius' record was almost three times higher than Tyler1's , and all of these three records happened within three months. The unwritten rule here seems to be that each month brings a new record that is two times higher than the previous one.

Fortnite isn't breaking records on streaming services alone, as it is one of the most played video games in the world, with millions of players logging in daily. It also pumped out massive microtransaction revenue of its existence on iOS, while still on invite-only basis.

Epic Games Fortnite character standing in a smartphone looking at a pile of money. Fortnite Mobile made a pile of money for Epic Games

The game is also breaking records in real life apparently, as school teachers are starting to claim it's causing problems as children prioritise it over studying. Fortnite's success lays within its combination of ease of access, as it's both free to play and easy to learn with clear visual cues, and regular support and responsiveness from Epic Games.

Video gaming streams still have a long way to go in order to set all time records though, as SpaceX launch stream had 2.3 million viewers and RedBull's Stratos jump had a staggering 8 million.

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