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Fortnite content update adds Storm Flips and Sword Fight LTM

Published: 09:28, 06 June 2019
Epic Games
fortnite artwork showing storm flip item
Fortnite - Storm Flip

In the latest content update for Fortnite, Epic Games have introduced Storm Flip, which is an item that creates a sphere zone that deals the same damage as the storm. Sword Fight LTM has also been introduced along with some bug fixes.

Fortnite has received another content update and just like every week, the patch brings a fresh batch of changes including new items, limited time modes rotations, gameplay changes and bug fixes.

In Battle Royale, the most notable addition is a bomb-like item named Storm Flip. With this item, you can create a sphere-shaped zone that can deal damage and also keep you safe from the storm.

For example, where the sphere overlaps the storm, it will create a safe zone where you won't take damage from the storm. However, where the sphere overlaps a safe zone, it creates a storm zone, which deals the same damage as the current storm.

Once activated, the zone lasts for 20 seconds before dissipating. It's available in Epic Rarity and can be found from Floor Loot, Chests and Vending Machines.

Furthermore, all Hunting Rifle variants have been vaulted as the rifle become somewhat outclassed by the Infantry Rifle after it was changed to hitscan according to Epic Games. A drop rate of High-powered items from Supply Drones such as sniper and explosive packages has been slightly nerfed as it felt higher than appropriate.

Also, Mounted Turret overheat now takes 20 per cent longer while Boom Bow's max charge time has been slightly increased.

Sword Fight LTM has also arrived to battle royale. You'll get to search Treasure chests that contain Epic or even better weapons as well as the occasional Infinity Blade. 

In Fortnite Creative, Transmitters and Receivers have been added along with Storm Device and new Pueblo Theme prefabs and galleries.

And last but not least, Save the World got new Beyond the Stellar Horizon event and another Wargames Simulation named Invasion with flying saucers and more.

Epic Games picture showing a character flying Fortnite

For a full list of changes and additions, you can check the patch notes on .

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