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Former Xbox exec says he'd choose PlayStation 5 over Xbox Series X

Published: 19:36, 09 January 2020
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Hold your horses, there are no turncoats here, as you'll soon realise, but Microsoft's former Corporate Vice President of Gaming Mike Ybarra certainly raised few eyebrows with his statement that he'd pick PS5 over Xbox Series X for next-gen gaming.

Now, Ybarra's reign at Microsoft was a long and fruitful one, which is why many were left stunned to see him leave after two decades worth of experience. He left for the post of Executive Vice President at Blizzard, but as we said, this was not a jab at his former employer. 

After one Twitter user inquired as to his followers' choice for the next-gen gaming device, Ybarra stated that it was PlayStation 5. The actual explanation followed though, as he added that he will simply play his Xbox exclusives on a PC. "Wish they were all on PC", he wrote. 

What Ybarra ended up saying is not that he prefers PlayStation 5 over Xbox Series X, but that his PC will be enough for Microsoft Games Studios exclusives, which is not the case with Sony's lineup. Traditionally, they've been pretty selfish, even if there are signs they're opening up lately.

If we were to discuss exclusives only, Sony won the PS4 vs. Xbox One war easily, and the last round really drove that point home. God of War and Spider-Man "alone" are enough proof of Sony's exclusives dominance, and there's still Ghost of Tsushima, which sure looks like a game worth buying a console for. 

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Although we're yet to see Sony's exclusives make their way over to PC, a number of games that were launched on PlayStation 4 ended up launching for the master race. Red Dead Redemption 2 is but a single example, and developers like Quantic Dream ended up expanding their entire offers. 

Even Cory Barlog, director of God of War , so here's to hoping. 

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