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Final Fantasy XV patch is here

Published: 15:01, 20 February 2017
Final Fantasy XV

Exclusive for PlayStation 4 Pro, the patch brings an increased frame rate and more

Patch version 1.05 is available for download right now. The 1.05 brings some long awaited rates of the frame variety, and caps it at 60 FPS on the PS4 Pro Systems. Also increased are the character level caps which are now at 102. Camera roll storage has been expanded and can now house a total of 200 pictures. The patch brought about the end of the Moogle Chocobo Carnival and a Chocobo music player.

Limited time-quests are also available to all PS4 and Xbox One players. There's a Booster Pack DLC is coming on 21 February and will contain Ragnarok, a one-handed sword; Dragon Drain, a fishing rod that slows fish down; and Avior, a reel that pulls fish in with "greater strength."First full expansion is centered around a party member named Gladiolus, and is due March 28.

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