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Patch notes for Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood expansion

Published: 18:58, 15 June 2017
Square Enix
Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood

Patch notes for the latest Final Fantasy XIV premium expansion have been published. All players who pre-ordered the game will gain early access to the expansion tomorrow. PlayStation 3 players can upgrade to the PS4 version of the game until 31 December.

As I mentioned in my Square Enix E3 the other day, Stormblood will be available on 20 June for PlayStation 4 and PC. Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood is the second premium expansion for Final Fantasy XIV Online. 

The expansion features a level cap increase, some new jobs including the Red Mage and Samurai. Exploration of underwater environments is now enabled and the battle system received some updates.

Stormblood will officially be out on 20 June, but, anyone who pre-orders the game will get the benefit of early access that will begin tomorrow, 16 June at 10 am BST. Because of this early access thing, Square Enix went ahead and published the patch notes for the expansion and the big update accompanying it. 

Square Enix Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood

More details on the patch notes will be available tonight at 3 am BST. Stormblood will bring a slew of new dungeons, raids, and jobs (the aforementioned Red Mage and Samurai) to the gameplay, and that will, hopefully revamp the game for the newcomers. Some changes to the gameplay mechanics are also incoming. 

With the arrival of Stormblood, the Final Fantasy XIV support for PlayStation 3 will end. PS3 players can still upgrade to the PS4 version for free, but the only offer stands until 31 December. 

Square Enix Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood

Here are some patch notes for the Patch 4.0:

  • New Areas added:

Rhalgr's Reach


  • New Field Areas added:

The Fringes

The Peaks

The Ruby Sea


The Azim Steppe

  • New City and Field Aetherytes have been added
  • A Mini-Aetheryte for Sapphire Avenue Exchange has been added in Ul'dah
  • The experience point reward for unlocking maps has been increased
  • New main scenario quests have been added
  • New side quests have been added
  • NPCs associated with the quests "Can't Do It Without You" and "True U" have been changed
  • New job quests have been added
  • Secondary class requirement for unlocking jobs has been removed
  • New class quests have been added
  • The rewards for main scenario and job quests have been adjusted, and the EXP awarded for completing these quests has been increased
  • EXP awarded upon completing Moogle beast tribe quests with a class or job at level 60 or higher has been significantly reduced
  • New tradecraft and fieldcraft leves have been added to the new areas
  • When playing as a class over level 60, rewards for tradecraft leves and fishing fieldcraft leves below level 60 will be greatly reduced.
  • The locations of gathering points for the botanist guildleve Maple Stories have been adjusted
  • EXP awarded upon completing botanist and miner fieldcraft leves has been increased
  • New FATEs have been added
  • FATE difficulty has been adjusted
  • Certain large scale FATEs will no longer require level sync to participate
  • The time limit for the FATEs Long Live The Coeurl and Coeurls Chase Boys has been increased from 15 to 30 minutes


Find the full patch notes .

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